Below are some Crash Fire Rescue briefings in video format these are for reference only and feel free to share with your local Fire station, Pilots Association or Club, or with anyone who may benefit from watching it. If you click on the QR Code you can download the image and use it in a document or print it out on paper and pass out to your local fire fighters and first responders. The more people who are educated on how to get someone out of an aircraft in an incident the better it is and it increases the occupants chances of spending less time in a hospital or maybe none at all. Accidents don’t always happen next to the fire station, everyone is capable of being a first responder. Every bit of education helps.
NOTE some of these videos are from the Airshow Industry but are still pertinent to safety as these aircraft cross the country enroute to shows or returning home, also some folks own the same model aircraft but are not airshow performers.
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Eurocopter A-Star 350/H125 Camera Helicopter – HelinetQR Code
MBB BO-105 (Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm) Red Bull North America Helicopter , Aaron FitzgeraldQR Code